Rolls Royce Phantom Series-II

Rolls Royce announced the face-lifted version of the current Phantom range. The face-lifted models are branded under Phantom Series-II. The face-lifted range is not looking that different from the existing ones, you may have noticed the significant difference on the headlights. So, if you own the Rolls Royce Phantom, don’t worry it won’t loss it value that much!
With the Phantom Series-II, 8-speed auto transmission and more driving focused differential is offered. This means differential probably offers locking function that will improve the cornering at high speeds. Another improvement is the headlights, the different looking headlights have a reason for this. They will be offered as LED, so you won’t be jealous when you see cheaper car with a LED headlight. Also, the navigation system is renewed. It will be offering 3D maps with landscape topography. I have no idea why they offer topography like in an SUV. Finally, they reduced the CO2 level from 388 to 348 g/km. 
Regardless of face-lift, a Rolls Royce is always a Rolls Royce :)
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