Sexy Fiat 500 Abarth Advertisement

I don’t know how this happened but I missed to post this advertisement of Fiat 500 Abarth during the Super Bowl. As I mentioned before, Fiat 500 is available in US and they also introduced the Abarth version. Abarth is involved with performance tuning for Fiat vehicles and they have been doing this for quite long time. Last time they tuned the 500, the engine was so big they had to cut the engine bonnet to close it proper. Basically, the engine was partially outside! Hopefully, this time everything is packed under the bonnet.
This advertisement is probably the best Fiat 500 advertisement. I really love the engagement of an attractive Italian woman with a performance focused 500. Usually, performance version is more focused on muscular notions and many brands never place a female character. However, Fiat tried to emphasise the attractiveness and elegance of the 500 Abarth through this way.
Before I finish, this advertisement has some similar bits with last year’s Alfa Romeo MiTo online advertisement. Alfa Romeo UK, released an interactive online advertisement for the MiTo and scenario was based on a sexy Italian woman. And I found some similar bits with MiTo’s advertisement such as her mood change. In MiTo’s advertisement, her mood was changing so rapidly and you had to control her. In 500 Abarth’s advertisement it happens in the same way.

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