Volkswagen Cross Coupe

Range Rover Evoque was the last year’s the most outstanding vehicle. It received an unbelievable level of demand; even the Land Rover was not expecting this! However, there is a downside. If a car receives a very high demand, in following years you may see it everywhere and it diminishes some of its demand or prevent customers to buy it.
At that moment, they will look a good substitute and VW realised this possible scenario and released the Cross Coupe concept in Geneva. In my opinion, this is the best-looking VW for ages. Most of the VW vehicles have that conservative family car looking except some models like Golf R and GTi, but the rest have that DNA inside.
However, VW is changing it DNA and it is very clear with Cross Coupe. If they put this car in production, it will be the one of the major rivals of the Range Rover Evoque. Actually, it looks better than Tiguan and Touareg!
This Cross Coupe is planned to be TDI plug-in hybrid powertrain. 2,0-lt turbo diesel engine is connected with two electric motor and creates the a consumption of 1,8lt/km and 46g/km CO2 level. And combination of all electric motors and diesel engine, it will produce 306 PS with outstanding 700 nm of torque. Acceleration to 100 kph (62 mph) in 6,5 seconds and top speed of 220 kph (137 mph).
These figures are really good, keep eye on Cross Coupe!
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