Facelifted R8 Audi Rumours

R8 is one of the most radical design of Audi! When you look at the Audi cars, you can see one thing in common. They all look the same and a bit conservative. I expect to people who have two kids, high salary, nice suits, shop from department stores, they are either dentist or financer. Their life is in a routine that is envied by others.
But R8 is totally the opposite! It was a very radical and at the same time ugly design from Audi. The ugly part is my perception, I am not generalising it! For me, R8 is not a dream car! I would never dream of an Audi R8. It is a nice Audi and that’s for me. One of the main reason for this, it gearbox. While most of the car companies were introducing double clutch auto gearbox in their new cars, Audi preferred to stuck on automated sequential gearbox. Unfortunately, this gearbox is not as rapid as double clutch and not very comfortable during the low speed. But it was cheaper!
As the customers demanded the double clutch, and Audi decided to replace the gearbox. But, there was problem, the chassis was designed for the smaller R-Tronic and Audi redesigned the rear suspension, engine layout, exhaust to make space for the double clutch and they achieved.
Rumours about the engines are 4.2-lt V8 450 PS and 5.2-lt V10 540 PS.
Due to extra working hours for the new gearbox, face-lifted might be a bit more expensive! I am sure it will be a better car but still not on my list!

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