Giuseppe Zanotti Shoe vs. 2nd Hand Premium Cars!

I don’t like to compare irrelevant things between each other, such as women shoes and second hand cars. Unfortunately, designers are motivating me to compare their products with something totally irrelevant. Recently, Kayne West designed a shoe for Giuseppe Zanotti. There is nothing wrong with this, actually Kayne West is not a designer but, I don’t how he managed to became a designer.
Anyway, the shoe he designed is sold for £4145 / €4940 / $5810. And at any currency, these shoes are ridiculously expensive! The shoe designer Celine Ouaknine (Design shoes for JLo, Bebe and many other very well-known brands) mentioned on her blog about this pointless high price tag for a pair shoes.
When the price tag is so high, I immediately jump to to search for a car around this price tag. So, I end up with two years old Ford Mondeos, five years old BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class and this list goes forever. All these cars are running, they have decent four-door, engine, four-wheel, many technological features. They are not pre-historic cars, you can buy and drive them happily for quite long time. And they have the same price tag with Kayne West Giuseppe Zanotti shoes! I really cannot understand why someone is willing to pay this amount of money for them. If you are fashion addicted, you may buy ten pairs of relatively cheaper models!
I know some people will say, they are unique. That’s true but it is not a reasonable fact to boost the price like this. In the end, they are not as complicated as an iPhone’s Retina Display :)
After this very scientific research, it is obvious that Kayne West Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are over-priced and do not offer any technological innovation to bear this cost :)
If you still so desperate buy one, here is the link
Here what Celine thinks about these shoes:

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