Jaguar XJ with 2-lt Turbo Engine

Jaguar XJ with 2-lt four-cylinder turbo petrol engine. You didn’t read anything wrong or I didn’t type anything wrong! Jaguar is the first car company to offer a large saloon with a 2-lt petrol engine. This is a new path in automotive industry; for many years large saloons were offered with massive engines. At those years, there were no problems with fuel price, tight taxation and emission. However, things have changed and companies started to downsize their engines. First, Mercedes offered 2.2-lt diesel engine in current S-Class (a competitor of XJ) and now Jaguar reduced the size up to 2-lt but runs with petrol. For many people, these engines are insufficient, not fast enough and etc etc. However, things have changed. If you can surf on internet from your mobile phone, you shouldn’t complaining about the downsized engines. These engines provide the same level of performance with lower fuel consumption. 
Jaguar’s new 2-lt turbocharged engine produces 240 PS of power and 340 nm of torque. These figures used to be found in 3-lt engines. Now, thanks to turbo chargers and reduces friction inside the engine, a 2-lt pocket size engine can provide this huge amount of power. 
So what will happen? If Jaguar can manage to market this car properly in emerging markets like Turkey, Russia, China where the car taxation is really high. Many people will buy Jaguar XJ instead of BMW 7-Series, Mercedes S-Class or Audi A8. If you are not obsessed with German car’s electronic gadgets and willing to pay lots of money for them, Jaguar XJ will definitely satisfy your needs! 
This engine will also be available in Jaguar XF. What happens with engines are similar to this in fashion, moving from real leather to faux leather. And people does not stop buying Stella McCartney, because her shoes and bags are not from real leather!

Technical Information: 
2.0 I4 240 Turbocharged Petrol
Engine type:four-cylinder, in-line petrol, turbocharged
Capacity (cc):1999
Bore/stroke (mm):87.5/83.1
Peak power ([email protected]):[email protected]
Peak torque (Nm/lb [email protected]):340/[email protected],000
0-60mph (secs):7.5 (in XF and XJ)*
Top speed (mph):150 (in XF and XJ)*
*Manufacturer’s estimates. All figures correct at time of going to press.

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