Longer BMW 3-Series

In last five years, China became one of the most powerful economy. From mobile phone to shoes, they manufacture everything. Their economy is growing without any stop or pause, as a result of this growing economy their demand to vehicles are unbelievable. 
One decade ago, US was the major market for automotive industry and their demand was shaping the faith of the vehicles. Now, US is still a key player but, when Chinese demands for a vehicle, it stays on production or it will be produced for them. Like long-wheel base BMW 3-Series!
In China, many passenger vehicles are offered with long-wheel base option from Ford Mondeo to BMW 5-Series. Chinese market is concentrated on passenger-focused travel and many rich Chinese likes to be driven! Therefore, they need more legs room at rear seats. Unfortunately, European models are not that generous for rear seats and this is not welcomed by Chinese.
Thus, automotive companies started to manufacture long-wheel base for most their models just for China. And recently, BMW revealed the new 3-Series long-wheel base. This is the same 3-Series with extra 11cm at the rear. Some people may think, why they don’t offer this in Europe or US? They won’t because, when 3-Series is longer, many people will not buy 5-Series. In China? The market is so big and demanding, each model has its own customer. If you are willing to change a shape of a car, try to increase your population :)

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