Peugeot Mood Paint – Peinture Humeur

Peugeot introduced a new technology to automotive industry that will cause really nice trouble with the police and car registry documents :) Peugeot introduced a new technology called Mood Paint for the RCZ model, this technology precisely interprets your emotional state and alter the exterior colour of the vehicle, which suits best with your mood. Unfortunately, if you have this technology, you need to amend the document every time you change your mood; so try to carry correct pen all the time with you.
Peugeot said that, this technology psychochoromatic coating that can alter the molecular structure of the paint to emit light at varying wavelengths. So how this technology understand your mood, the sensors on the steering wheel read your pulse rate, body temperature and stress level. And computers analyse your emotions and alters the colour that suits your mood at that moment. A friendly advise, try not to get angry in traffic because other drivers can understand your mood very precisely and you may not end up with a friendly conversation :)
However, there is a question that I would like ask! If I am using the steering wheel heating, does the system still can read my mood or it will be manipulated?
I think from next year German car companies will also offer this technology with a very wide range of grey colours to reflect your mood :)

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