Range Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s limited edition Range Rover Evoque is finally revealed! As I mentioned yesterday, I was expecting to see something a bit catastrophic and hopefully I was wrong. Beckham’s edition looks really nice and there is no design bit that ruins the harmony. On the contrary, Beckham edition looks a bit muscular than feminine. Exterior matte finish black with black forged 20-inch wheels turns this limited edition into a really muscular car. I was expecting to see some flashy colours of this fashion season but Beckham did not wish to spoil the Evoque with contemporary fashion.
Interior looks way much better! The hand stitched vintage inspired leather seats are completed with rose gold-plated accents. And here we can see that, Victoria Beckham places her signature! There is one thing I never liked in a car, gold. Unfortunately, this very valuable material may not improve the harmony of a luxury vehicle, instead it sometimes ruin the harmony. However, Evoque Beckham is not covered with gold inside, and I did not see it with my own eyes. So, I don’t want to be so brutal while criticising but, I still consider it as a minus for this vehicle.
It did not finish yet, when you buy this limited to 200 Evoque, you will have also get a four pieces of Victoria Beckham leather luggage and a hand-sewn leather wallet for owner’s manual with her signature (I hope she signed them by herself, not a printed signature). When you consider the price Victoria Beckham’s fashion line, these four pieces of leather luggage is a bargain. If you would like to buy them from Net-A-Porter, you would definitely pay more money than an Evoque.
Unfortunately, Beckham’s limited edition is only available with coupe version. And that’s a pain when you wish to get onto rear seat. Because, it is impossible especially if someone is as tall as Victoria Beckham with skyscraper heels tries to get onto back seats, the result will be a fail! 
In general, this car is way much better than I expected from Victoria Beckham. Unfortunately, they did not stop inspiring the Evoque from the fashion and they priced as £79,995 not £80,000. Sorry but it is very very expensive. You can buy a proper Range Rover or a Porsche 911 or Mercedes SL for this price. I know this is a limited edition and it has to be priced like this but this is too expensive, I am sorry!

Here is the technical information and details of the features:

  • A collaboration between British fashion designer Victoria Beckham and the Land Rover Design team, led by Gerry McGovern
  • Range Rover Evoque Special Edition four-seat coupé featuring bespoke luxury and sporting details
  • Finest quality materials and craftsmanship
  • First ever Land Rover to feature exclusive hand-finished matt paint
  • Santorini gloss black detailing contrasts with stealth-like paintwork
  • Unique 20″ gloss black forged alloy wheels with rose-gold accents
  • Rose-gold plated grille surround and badging
  • Soft vintage inspired tan semi-aniline leather interior seats with hand-finished feature stitch, semi-aniline leather door inserts, armrests and cubby lid.
  • Exclusive rose-gold plated interior accents
  • Unique and ultra-luxurious mohair floor mats and microsuede headlining
  • New interior trim materials include Grand black lacquers veneers, textured aluminium and soft-feel black paint
  • Bespoke four-piece leather luggage set
  • Hand-sewn leather wallet for owner’s manual signed by Victoria Beckham
  • Powered by the lightweight, all-aluminium 240PS 2.0-litre petrol engine
  • Four-wheel drive and Land Rover’s award-winning Terrain Response® system.
  • Limited to a maximum of 200 vehicles worldwide with first vehicles allocated to Chinese customers
  • Range Rover Evoque Special Edition will be hand-finished by  Land Rover’s Engineering to Order division (ETO)
  • Indicative pricing is from £79,995 (GBP)
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