Brabus Private Aviation

Brabus, company that turns Mercedes cars into a small monster! I am not saying this just to impress you, German company Brabus turns ordinary Mercedes vehicles into a real monster by revising the engine, replacing the transmission and tuning the drive train for 35 years. Basically, Brabus replaces everything inside and outside of a Mercedes-Benz and creates something totally new.
After their success in automotive industry, Brabus decided to invest in aviation industry. And they introduced the Brabus Private Aviation! Brabus is going to do something totally different in aviation industry, they won’t be tuning the planes and introduce a new Concorde. Brabus PrivateAviation is going to provide customisation of private jets and consultancy on the purchase decision stage. Basically, Brabus Private Aviation will provide you information about which private jet to buy and how to make is unique. But, there is no tweak to engine or aero-dynamics modifications. This time Brabus concentrated to customised interior rather than exterior! This times Brabus focuses on customisation of the product instead of tuning the product!
Brabus mentioned these brands on their website; Bombardier Global Express and Challenger aircraft families, Dassault Falcon and larger business jets! It would be interesting to Brabus private jets in the air :)

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