Ferrari 458 Left Tyres Mark in Great Wall of China

Ferrari’s 20th year anniversary in China did not go well! Last week, Ferrari rented the historic Great Wall of China for the PR event of Ferrari 458 Italia Chinese Special Edition. Ferrari managed to close down the Great Wall of China during PR event as you will see in the footage. And as I can see, they paid attention to keep historic place without any damage.
Unfortunately, one of the employee of the dealer decided to show off by making donuts with the Ferrari 458 Italia Chinese Special Edition and left tyre marks on a place that is 600 years old! Ferrari announced that, they will do everything to recover this incident and work with the government.
However, there is a big question. A company like Ferrari, how they don’t have any supervisor during the shipment of the Ferrari 458 to Great Wall of China and how the other let him to do these things. He is not making donuts next to his house, this place is 600 years old. And he should have been informed about the importance of the place.
I wish that Ferrari will be informing about the process of restoring those tyres marks from the Great Wall. And improve their human resource protocols!