Ford Focus ST available in UK

Ford Focus ST arrived to UK with the price tag of £21,995. That’s what you are looking forward to hear. However, I am bit surprised with the design. Especially the front look! New Ford Focus ST has a totally different and distinctive front look rather than the existing Ford Focus range.
I know the reason why they made it like this, to differentiate the car. However, Ford always designed the Focus ST as a more aggressive car. This new Ford Focus ST does not look that aggressive. It looks a bit silent, peaceful, calm but not aggressive. Design is a very subjective matter and we all see how it will sale in future.
New Ford Focus ST is powered by a 2-lt EcoBoost petrol engine produces 250 PS of power with six-speed manual (I wish it was a double clutch automatic). Also features, Torque Steer Compensation and three-stage electronic stability programme. And only 169 CO2 emission level! You can have new Ford Focus ST with estate version as well (I didn’t like it)!

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