Hamilton Watches: Men In Black III

Hamilton is an American watch maker, it is not popular like other brands. And actually I didn’t hear it before. It was found in 1892 and I found out this brand after 120 years!
Hamilton watches will take place in the next Men In Black III movie. Men In Black III will have a time travel and there will be type Hamilton watches. One of them is from 1969 and the other one is from 2012. They both have a wankel engine shape or triangle and, they are not charming for me! However, these watches specially designed for the Men In Black III and they are matching with the movie.
However, my view is subjective. I am bit stuck with Swiss watch makers who tend to appear on car races, like Tag Heuer. Probably, this is why I like Hugo Boss deep inside. They are both sponsors in Formula 1 for ages!

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