Hugo Boss Black 3D Fashion Show Live From Beijing

Hugo Boss Black will hold a 3D Fashion Show live from Beijing on 18th May, China. Live fashion shows on internet are quite common with many brands. However, sending 3D glasses to customers and shooting the whole show with 3D cameras is an important mile stone. The main reason for this, 3D cameras are totally different than the conventional ones and they are not cheap! Okay, they might be cheap in stores but they are not designed for professional broadcasting.
The 3D live fashion show will be broadcasted on 18thMay, 2012 at 15.30 CET from
Local times are: Beijing 9.30, Berlin 15.30, Los Angeles 6.30, London 14.30, New York 9.30, Sydney 23.30, Tokyo 22.30
Hugo Boss is nearly hundred years old German high fashion brand, and owned by Valentino Fashion Group. Hugo Boss has five different sub-brands, targeted to different customer groups. 
Boss Black is the classic line with a broad range of option and you may find it in many stores around the world. 
Boss Orange is focused on more casual and quirky style, most of the nice t-shirt are from this brand. 
Boss Selection is the bespoke brand for higher price range, and you may not this in department stores because it is made tailored for you. 
Boss Green is not the eco-friendly brand of Boss, this brand is mainly focused on golf-style active wear.
Hugo, this is a forward fashion styling with European look.

For more videos: Hugo Boss YouTube Channel