Interview with Charles Morgan (Morgan Motor Company)

Today I was in Morgan Motor to have an interview Charles Morgan. It was second time in a car factory; but first time for a very niche brand. Morgan is one of the oldest car company in the world and loyal its original roots. For many years, Morgan managed to stay niche and did not extend the brand like some other car companies did, thus this made Morgan a very exclusive brand. 
Let’s move onto factory, the manufacturing is totally done by hand as you can see from the pictures. There are not robots, which kills the emotional factor of a sport car manufacturing. I think this is one of the most important factor for a niche and exclusive sport car. Being manufactured by hand! Unfortunately, there are not many cars are made like this and Charles explains why!
The Morgan cars are made by aluminium alloy and wood is used a supportive structure. The most interesting part is the wood manufacturing. I think you cannot smell the wood in none of the car manufacturers except Morgan. Don’t think that Morgan is made from wood, they use it as a supportive structure and also it makes the Morgan a very unique car. The process of wood making is great to see. It shows you how the cars were made in the past; nowadays it is not that hard to spot a robot is making a car but did you ever see how they shape a wood!?! Probably no! However if you have time, I strongly recommend you to visit Morgan’s factory tour to see all these manufacturing processes. In most of the car companies, you cannot even enter inside. But, Morgan makes a great tour and they explain every single detail! If you want to know more, you need to go :)
During this tour, the manufacturing of Morgan reminded one thing. It is made like a luxury shoes. If you order or buy a luxury shoes, they are made by hand through complicated processes like in Morgan.

With Charles Morgan, we talk about his media experience, heritage of Morgan, three-wheel Morgan and its story, and his experience to across US with a three-wheel Morgan. Also, future of Morgan and I cannot ignore the social media. Charles Morgan is one of the most active person in Twitter from automotive world. If you want to follow him, here is the Twitter address (@charlesmorganuk). Lastly, he explained the partnership with BMW and Morgan. 
I am not going to write everything to here, you need to watch the interview for more :)

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