Mercedes-Benz AMG Gold Car Fleet for Cannes Film Festival

Mercedes-Benz cars are covered by gold and published their photos in Mercedes-Benz official media site. So, there is a problem! Usually Mercedes-Benz media website never uploads photos like this but, this time it is an exception!

Mercedes-Benz and AMG cars will be providing golden fleet service for the Cannes Film Festival, 65th Palme d’Or. This means all of the Mercedes-Benz and AMG fleets car will be covered with gold colour! Just imagine the impact of the shining Mercedes-Benz and AMG cars in Cannes Film Festival. I guess, they may hinder the movie stars in some ways!

Also, there is going to be a Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG 45th Anniversary Edition at the Cinema Against AIDS Gala on 24th May. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz and AMG offer test drive for the guests and the visitors. If they will be testing the gold covered Mercedes-Benz and AMG cars, it will create very interesting scenery at Cannes!

I know one thing for sure; gold covered Mercedes-Benz and AMG cars will catch more attention than anything else in Cannes Film Festival.

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