New Audi A3

New Audi A3, I totally forgot to upload the photos. When the Audi revealed the previous A3 in 2003, A3 was the best-looking car on market. The front look and interior was totally set a new benchmark for the market. I can still clearly remember, how people were rushing into A3 in 2003 and in following years.
And now, new Audi A3 is revealed but it didn’t create the same sensation like the previous A3. Its exterior and interior is better but it is not ground breaking. Actually, Audi did not wish to reveal a radical design change to scare customers and stick on the existing concept. Therefore, new Audi A3 will not be like the previous model. I am not criticizing, this happened with Ford Focus as well. When a company sets a benchmark so high, it is really hard to improve or increase it again with the new product. It looks really well-made and nice but, I still go for Alfa Romeo Giulietta!
Engine options are; petrols are 1.2-lt 105 PS, 2-lt 211 PS and diesels are 1.6-lt 105 PS, 2-lt 180 PS. Don’t worry, new engines will be available soon!

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