Porsche 911 Club Coupe to Celebrate 60 Years of Porsche Club

Porsche revealed 911 Club Coupe to celebrate 60 Years of Porsche Club. 911 Club Coupe is based on Porsche 911 Carrera S (430 PS of power with new Powerkit upgrade) with 20-inch SportTechno wheels, door entry guards with anniversary logo, special trim lettering individually create for each customer and a very long list of option list.
If you are planning to own a Porsche 911 Club Coupe, you need to be a member of Porsche Club. Don’t ask me how to be a member of Porsche Club, I have no idea! And keep in mind, there will be only 13 Porsche 911 Club Coupe and there are more than 181,000 Porsche Club members. So, it is really hard to own a 911 Club Coupe!
The price of Porsche 911 Club Coupe starts from €142,000 ($175,000) without any tax!
You may check this link for more information about Porsche 911 Club Coupe: 

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