BMW 6 Gran Coupe

BMW 6 Gran Coupe is the BMW’s rival to Mercedes CLS! BMW 6 Gran Coupe is a four-door version of BMW 6 Series Coupe. 6 Gran Coupe and 6 Coupe have the same front look and very similar rear look. Many people may not understand the different that easily. However, BMW 6 Gran Coupe offers something amazing, proper legroom at the rear. Unfortunately, BMW 6 Coupe is not very well-known for its rear legroom and people may suffer during the long journeys. So, here is the solution; BMW 6 Gran Coupe.
BMW 6 Gran Coupe offers same the dynamic driving character you find in 6 Coupe, and offer four-door with proper leg room at the rear seats. For me, 6 Gran Coupe is better choice than BMW 5 Series. I am not into those four-door executive sedans, they are not but not my type. If you are looking for a four-door car, go for BMW 6 Gran Coupe. I am sure you won’t regret it.
BMW 6 Gran Coupe is also available with all-wheel drive option xDrive for 650i model, but not in UK, yet. The engines are 640i (3-lt turbo petrol 320 PS, 450 Nm torque), 650i (4.4-lt turbo petrol 450 PS, 650 Nm torque) and 640d (3-lt turbo diesel 313 PS, 630 nm torque).
And thanks to BMW Sytner Birmingham dealer for the hospitality. 

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