BMW i Store in London with i3

BMW i Series started as a concept vehicles, moved to production and now there is a dealer for i Series. Couple of months ago I visited the BMW dealer in Park Lane, actually I couldn’t visit because it was under construction. I was thinking, BMW will refurbish the dealer and open again. However, it did not happen like that! BMW opened the first i Series Store in Park Lane, London.

Now, you have the opportunity to see the future of mobility by BMW in Park Lane, London. BMW i3 and i Pedelec bicycle. BMW i3 is powered by an electric motor with 170 PS of power and 250 Nm of torque with the top speed of 150 kph (95 mph). And BMW i Pedelec produces 250 W of power with 20 Nm of torque with the top speed of 25 kph (16 mph).

If you want to see more, visit the BMW i Store in Park Lane, London.

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