Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma is the first electric car with on-board generator. Electric car story started long time ago, during the end of 1800s, electric cars were more popular than petrol powered ones. As the electric cars were easier to drive and creates no smoke, people tend to like them more. However, things did not go as planned. As the years passed, electric car passed out and we end up with petrol power!
Since last two decade, there is always an electric car rumour. However, they could never resolve the problem of charging. With the present technology, charging takes long time and batteries cannot mobilise you for long journeys. So, there are several options for electric cars; have a very long charging cable or carry an generator or don’t drive or place a generator inside the vehicle.
The best option is the last one, hopefully Fisker thought the same. And, Fisker Karma is built on this concept. Fisker Karma is an electric car with a generator inside the car. Basically, 2-lt turbo petrol engine (260 PS) is there to generate electricity. There are no physically connections between the petrol engine and wheels of Fisker Karma. 2-lt petrol engine in Fisker Karma only charges the batteries if necessary.
Unlike other ugly electric car, Fisker Karma has a state-of-art exterior and interior design. Two electric engines provide 1300 Nm of torque from the stand still. This means, Fisker Karma accelerate more aggressively than a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, because Karma has more torque! Fisker Karma also has a limited-slip differential, 47/53 weight balance similar to Lamborghini, very high quality interior, Brembo brakes, pedestrian warning system (Karma warns pedestrians while going around the city), pressurised petrol tank to avoid any evaporated petrol to escape, ABS, traction control, stability control. The range of Fisker Karma is 50 miles / 80 km with pure electricity and with generator, 300 miles / 483 km; the roof is a solar roof to charge batteries. And the top speed of Fisker Karma is 125 mph / 200 kph.
Fisker Karma is really worth to buy car, it is not like other cheap looking electric cars. Karma offers a proper GT experience with contemporary technology. I am sure in future we will see cars like Fisker Karma more.

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