Ford Focus ST in Key West, USA

Ford Focus ST; Ford’s newest powerful hatchback car with lunatic power. And let’s forget Ford Focus and jump to bulls! In Spain, every year they release the angry bulls over crowds over the narrow roads of Pamplona in Spain. This angry bull game started around 14th century and unfortunately, they still do it. I really don’t like this thing at all. It is not pleasant to make animals angry and let them run over people.
Anyway, Ford Focus ST has a similar scenario to angry bulls in Pamplona in Spain. The new Focus ST has a very angry 2.0-lt turbo petrol engine (250 PS with overboost function 255 PS, 360 Nm with overboost function 366Nm of torque) and mated with unfortunately six-speed manual gearbox. (I still don’t understand Ford loves the manual gearbox so much. Even Kia offers double clutch automatic, please stop this manual gearbox obsessions, please!) Let’s go back to Ford Focus ST; Ford decided make a video of two angry Ford Focus STs running around the streets of Key West, USA. Hopefully, Focus STs are not running after people but I love the scenario, really creative.
I would definitely buy a Ford Focus ST, if it is offered with double clutch automatic gearbox :)

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