Hugo Boss vs. Uniqlo for Polo Neck T-Shirt

Hugo Boss vs Uniqlo, I know it sounds a bit awkward to compare to fashion brands like cars. Unfortunately, fashion brand do not have long list of option as you can find in automotive business.
Recently, I saw a polo neck t-shirt in Hugo Boss and it was priced at £65! Honestly, it was too much for a polo neck t-shirt in Hugo Boss, so I decided to wait for sales. One week later, I visited Uniqlo and saw the same polo neck t-shirt only for £15!
I went for the polo neck t-shirt in Uniqlo and realised that, it was not that bad! Literally, it is same as Hugo Boss polo neck t-shirt. Honestly, I couldn’t see the difference of quality except the Hugo Boss logo in front of the t-shirt. 

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Hugo Boss, Uniqlo