Land Rover Defender: Off Road

Land Rover Defender; for many people Defender is an ugly, out-dated, heavy, overpriced, useless vehicle. I do had adverse opinions about the Defender but not that much, however I never thought Defender would offer one of the best off road capability on the market.
I have driven many different off road vehicles and I can say one thing, nothing can stop a Land Rover Defender. I drove the Defender in a tough off road and there is nothing can stop. The chassis is excellent, engine is very powerful, low-range gearbox is superb, anti-stall function allows to drive like an automatic car, steering wheel is accurate and response. All these features are crucial for off road terrain, unfortunately electronic gadgets cannot help you all the time. Especially, the anti-stall function in Land Rover Defender is a state-of-art technology and Land Rover does not promote it (This is another case).
Finally, if you want a proper off road vehicle and do not wish to pay lots of money, go and buy a Land Rover Defender. You will not be disappointed! 
Technical Details
• Engine 2.2 litre diesel engine – [email protected],500rpm & [email protected],000rpm
• Transmission Manual 6 speed
• Fuel consumption 
Urban 20.8 mpg – 13.6 l/100km
Extra urban 29.1 mpg –  9.7 l/100km
Combined 25.5 mpg – 11.1 l/100km
• CO² Emissions 295 g/km
• Capacity 
Obstacle Clearance – up to 314mm 
Wading depth – max 500mm 
Maximum gradient – 45˚
Off-road approach angle – 47˚ 
Off-road departure angle – 35˚ 
• Optional extras
Tow ball drop plate & electrics – £305
(on this vehicles)Under ride protection bar – £80
• On the road price £29,500 – inc vat, exc. extras as listed above