McLaren MP4-12C with New Software

McLaren MP4-12C, the new automotive perfection! MP4-12C does sound a bit funny but, it is a formula one car covered with necessary regulatory equipment to drive on public roads. I saw McLaren MP4-12C with own eyes, it is totally a different league. From manufacturing to driving.
Yesterday, McLaren announced a firmware update to MP4-12C through their McLaren Tunes software. Sorry!!! What I have just written, a firmware update a car !?! I think I confused the press release with Apple and McLaren. Let’s start again.
Yesterday, McLaren announced a new software revision. Okay, this sounds better. McLaren offers a free software update to existing MP4-12C owners. This firmware update, sorry software update includes a revised battery usage and improved signal reception. Sorry again. This firmware update includes 25 PS of extra power (It is said to know that you have 25 horses hidden inside your engine), remote opening of passenger door, programmable engine note (I have no idea what that is) and enhanced equalisation options on Meridian surround sound system. Also, there will be an update to IRIS information system.
Basicaly, McLaren MP4-12C owners receives a firmware update, like on their iPhone! Everything McLaren mentioned is achieved by software revision. And in McLaren dealer, they will connect your MP4-12C to computer and update the car. Like you do it with iPhone connected to iTunes.
I suggest McLaren to introduce a system like iTunes, so customers can update their MP4-12C by their selves. Honestly, McLaren can do this! Believe me, they can introduce something like this.
And interestingly, after this news Mercedes SLS AMG GTreceived a similar revision.

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