New Range Rover Caught by a Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG

New Range Rover 2013 prototype was caught while testing on Dubai by a Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG driver. It is very easy to identify the monster Mercedes V8 Kompressor engine!
And from the footage, the major lines of the new Range Rover is very clear. And I can say one thing, Land Rover did not take a risk to introduce a fully refresh Range Rover. Instead, Land Rover re-interpret the well respected Range Rover design shift into a higher level. This re-interpretation of design is done by Bentley Continental, Audi A3. Because, including Range Rover these vehicles receive really high demand from customers and people are willing to own one. Therefore, manufacturers do not wish to take a risk and introduce something totally different, instead they introduce a car that looks a bit similar to previous generation. So, existing customers will be buy it and existing fans will keep loving it.
However, in my opinion a new car needs to be a new car. Especially in terms of design. You never see a Maserati or a Ferrari or an Alfa Romeo with similar lines with previous model. I do not criticise the manufacturers and I do understand the huge risk of introducing a totally new design for a vehicle that has very solid sales performance.
Still, I go for the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon :)