Range Rover Evoque Off Road

Range Rover Evoque, for many people it the post Range Rover by Victoria Beckham, a car designed to be driven by super high heels and never get closer to mud more than one metre. Honestly, Evoque has that type of impression and I never expected a superb off road ability. Actually, I never expected an off road experience with Audi Q5, BMW X3 or Mercedes GLK. For me, these SUVs are contemporary interpretation of all-wheel drive car.
However, Evoque does its job quite well! Evoque does not offer any differential locks or low range gearbox and everything is done by electronics. The engagement of electronics and structural design of the Evoque turns the high heels driven vehicle into mud digger SUV. Evoque may not keep up with Land Rover Defender or Mercedes G-Class but you can climb very steep hills, easily cope with rocks, no worries with deep water and never feel that tendency to roll over. Most of the Evoques will be driven on road but I am pretty sure that some people will put them in tough terrain. And Evoque will not fail that much.

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