BMW New iDrive and Connected Drive

BMW Connected Drive technology finally turns BMW cars into a huge mobile phone. Recently BMW released the new generation iDrive and Connected Drive technology. Now BMW iDrive features 1,3 GHz CPU (Faster than a netbook) with 3D city models navigation that offers a realistic navigation experience. 3D city model navigation definitely enables everyone to interpret navigation data more precisely.
BMW Connected Drive now offers office functions, such as connecting to two phones at the same time and calendar on your iDrive. So, you don’t need to play with your phone for your meetings!
In addition, iDrive get a touch sensitive knob. So you can control the iDrive my moving your fingertips on the knob, sound exciting!
You will be able to create wi-fi hotspot inside the car, so you can connected your laptop and iPad while driving sorry, during your presence as a passenger. And you will be able to dictate message to iDrive and probably, you need to stop the car and revise the whole message by typing. Lastly, there will be BMW AppStore for third party applications.
Basicaly, new BMW’s will be similar to your iPhone or Anroid in terms of user interface! I hope they won’t charge for extra memory :)

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