Fuel Efficient Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador is going to be more fuel-efficient. I know this sounds like a bit like; ice cold fire, comfortable high heels, being awarded not to paying your tax or a traffic that tells you to drive fast. Technically, all these things are impossible; some of them can be mentioned as possible but you never notice. Like a fuel-efficient Lamborghini Aventador.
This fuel-efficient Aventador will be able to shut off its six-cylinder when it is unnecessary, and this would never be possible. Another system in Aventador is the start / stop function and unlike other systems it will be saving weight (3 kg) by using a capacitor instead of battery. And all these things will be save 1.2 l/km (1.2 mpg) and 28 g/km CO2.
And I am definitely sure that, all Lamborghini owners will be waiting for this since never. It is impossible to feel these improvements in your credit card when you own a Lamborghini Aventador with 12-cylinder petrol powered engine. All these improvements are for improving the image of Lamborghini. And also, the engineers did a great job to improve the fuel consumption of a Lamborghini.
And lastly, there will be minor revision inside the cabin and you can see this better Aventador in Paris Motor Show. And thanks for the World Car Fans for the technical information.












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