Maserati Passion iPhone, iPad Application

Maserati finally released an iPhone and iPad application (Maserati Passion). People who follow my blog know that Maserati is my favourite brand. So, I immediately installed the iPhone and iPad Maserati applications. And hopefully they don’t consume too much memory space, that’s a big plus! 
My first impressions are, the Maserati application is really nicely designed, easy to use and gives you what you need! However, there are some minor issues. And this is normal for the first version. iPad edition is not optimised for Retina Display and the images look a bit blur, and when you touch the Maserati Store button, it directs to Maserati Store website. Unfortunately, that website is not optimised for mobile devices and quite hard to use it with touch screen.
But these problems can be resolved very easily. If you are planning to configure your favourite Maserati, this application is the best! My advise, you should install it as soon as possible :)

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