New Technology from Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and Automotive Industry

Jack Dorsey is the inventor of the Twitter. And Jack changed the fundamentals of communication forever, now Twitter has its own rules for personal communication, advertising, marketing and even for networking. Basically, Twitter changed the way we communicate!
Now Jack Dorsey created a new company called Square. I am not going to talk for ages about this new technology. Basicaly, Square offers a device, which can be plugged into iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android devices. And it is called Square Card Reader! Square Card Reader is plugged into headphone jack and enables you to swap your credit card for shopping. So, you don’t need to worry about credit card numbers or any weakness of mobile devices or waste your time by typing. Square is safe and it is as easy as shopping from a supermarket.
In terms of automotive; Square Card Reader is going to boost the consumption through mobile device and like Twitter, there will be a new era for mobile shopping. For automotive industry, the opportunity is to design their merchandise stores compatible with this technology and enable consumers to use their mobile devices for consumption. In future, I am definitely sure, we will be able to purchase our cars through mobile devices. But it will take very very very long time to change the fundamentals of car consumption but it will happen in future.

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