New Toyota Land Cruiser V8

Toyota Land Cruiser V8, if you are interested on off road vehicles or SUVs, you would definitely know Land Cruiser. Otherwise, you don’t have a passion for off road! Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the oldest SUVs in the market. And in my opinion, Land Cruiser is the best looking Toyota for all time.

I am not a Toyota fan but Land Cruiser is different! Land Cruiser never breaks down, works at any condition. Leave a Land Cruiser for a half century and arrive with a battery and petrol and it will definitely be running. I have no idea how Toyota managed to create a vehicle that never destroyed by Mother Nature.

Land Cruiser is not only designed for off road, but also designed for on road as well. I cannot compare Land Cruiser with Porsche Cayenne for on road performance but Land Cruiser offers really high production quality and luxury for a vehicle that is supposed to be driven in the middle of nowhere. Also don’t try to compare the luxury of Land Cruiser with Range Rover, they are totally different vehicles!

With the latest model of Toyota Land Cruiser, there is a very nice function. Actually, this function is not available with any other vehicle. It is called off road Turn Assist. Turn Assist works in off road to reduce the amount of space for turning the Land Cruiser by breaking the rear wheel inside the corner. If you turn left, Land Cruiser will break the left rear wheel to reduce the turning circle. Turn Assist is a very cleaver function and very very useful for off road terrain. Land Cruiser is a quite large vehicle and this causes some difficulties vehicle making a turn.

Overall, Toyota Land Cruiser is state-of-art SUV, off road vehicle. I would never ever hesitate to buy one!

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is powered by 4.5-lt turbo diesel engine with 286 PS of power and 650 Nm of torque with 6-speed automatic transmission.

Some of the features;

Advanced technologies for greater off-road driving capability
World-first Turn Assist, reducing vehicle turning radius when negotiating tight bends
Crawl Control with seven speed settings for steep incline climbs and descents
Multi-terrain Select with five modes to suit different off-road conditions
Multi-terrain Monitor providing 360-degree view of vehicle surroundings via four external cameras
Tyre Angle Display
Variable Flow Control power steering
New premium features including heated steering wheel, front seats with cooling and heating functions and memory settings, new-design 20-inch alloy wheels, powered upper tailgate section and bi-xenon headlamps

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