Chris Harris Mercedes G63 AMG Test

Chris Harris and Mercedes G63 AMG. Chris tested the new Mercedes G63 AMG and I watched the video yesterday, I know it is a bit late. As a person who loves the Mercedes G-Wagon so much and I do know that Mercedes G-Wagon does not have a responsive steering wheel, still manufactured by chassis frame, there is no sense of aero dynamics.
But G-Wagon looks amazing! I understand Chris, he compared the G63 AMG with its competitors but G-Wagon’s competitors were not even on planned production when G-Wagon was revealed. Also, G-Wagon has its own style of roughness, people do not buy G63 AMG to go around the Nürburgring faster or corner harder.
Again I agree with Chris, G63 AMG does not promising a good cornering ability, on the other hand 544 PS and 760 Nm of torque would definitely be fun to drive.
Mercedes G63 AMG is a combination of contradiction, therefore you can accelerate and off road like crazy!