Giovanni Agnelli: The Name Similarity

Gianni (Giovanni) Agnelli was the principal shareholder of Fiat, his family is the founder of the Italy’s biggest automotive company Fiat (His grandfather Gianni Agnelli is the founder of Fiat). And one of the richest person in Italy when he was living. He worked in Fiat until his death, 2003.

Basically, Agnelli was one of the most influential people in global automotive industry.

Why I am talking about this? Because, due a name similarity Gianni Angelli became a trending topic on Google. And I thought it was something about Fiat! However, this Gianni Agnelli was totally someone else! Other Gianni Agnelli is a movie producer and on his twitter account, he mentioned about  Twilight actress Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders. I don’t want to go in details, because that’s a celebrity gossip issue. This turned into viral and became a top trend. Gianni Agnelli became very popular on internet.