Jaguar XF, XJ with All-Wheel Drive

Jaguar XF and XJ are now available with all-wheel drive option, revealed at Pebble Beach. Jaguar was the only company does not offer all-wheel drive option in premium segment despite the engagement with Land Rover. Now it is available with XF and XJ but only with 3-lt V6 petrol engine (340 PS) and this leads no proper market share in emerging markets, where the customers have more tendencies on diesels.
Honestly, within in existing petrol prices level and increasing demand to diesel vehicles, Jaguar should have offered the all-wheel drive option with diesel engines. Thus, Jaguar could have more competitive power.
Jaguar’s all-wheel drive can split the torque 50/50 among front and rear, 8-speed automatic gearbox with auto start/stop is available.
Hope to see all-wheel drive rest of the engine range.

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