New Range Rover is Here!

New Range Rover’s photos are leaked to internet today. Like other manufacturers, Land Rover did not wish to scare the existing customers with a complete new design. So, new Range Rover is a combination of previous model and Evoque. 
Range Rover Evoque did a huge success and Land Rover wants to benefit and expand this success to rest of their fleet. And also existing Range Rover still receives attention; so the best option is to combine them. I was expecting a better exterior, however interior is way way way better :)
New Range Rover’s interior reminds me the Jaguar XF’s interior. Lots of shiny wood and many dails.
Anyway, new Range Rover is way lighter than the previous one, 420 kg! This is a great success, and thanks to full aluminium body. By this way, new Range Rover is the first full aluminium SUV available on market.
New Range Rover also features, Terrain Response 2 technology. With new Terrarin Response 2, new Range Rover analyses the current driving and roads conditions, selects the most suitable settings.
Engines are; refined petrol V8, TDV6 and TDV8 diesel engines are also available. 
More details will be available later on September. New Range Rover still looks one of the best SUVs on market!

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Land Rover