Adidas Goodyear Collection Shoes

Adidas Goodyear is back again. For quite long time, I did not see any shoes from Goodyear in Adidas, even if they had some, I didn’t notice them. However, I just saw a new model in Adidas’s online store and remembered the first time when I saw the Goodyear collection in Adidas nearly eight years ago!

In 2004, there were many Goodyear collection shoes in Adidas stores around the world, however this did not end for long time. As time passes, we tend to see less and less Goodyear models. Meanwhile, some of the models were not that eye-catching at all. Therefore, I didn’t pay that attention to Goodyear collection, except this model!

This new Goodyear collection Adidas worth a look! And I have no idea which Goodyear tyres was inspired for the soles of these shoes. In the past, Goodyear Eagle F1 was the most common one, but long time ago.

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