After 1000. Article. New Era

I started blogging on 19 December, 2009, around 2.5 years ago. And finally I posted my 1000th article. I consider as a milestone for my blog and my experience on social media.

When I started to blog, 1000 was my milestone to make changes in my blog. And I am going to do it. Since theĀ beginningĀ of this blog, I mainly wrote about cars and a little bit of fashion and other things. Writing about cars is my passion since I was a child but world is changing, people want to read more different things. Especially in social media, everything is not about cars. So, I decided to change the content of the blog.

From Monday, I will reduce the amount of car posts and increase other topics. Such as; fashion, chocolates, architecture, or any other things that are in our lives. Writing for a niche topic is good for Google search results but life is not Google search results.

So, the new era will start on Monday :)