Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mercedes Unimog

Mercedes Unimog! Forget Range Rover, ignore Mercedes G-Wagoneven don’t mention Toyota Land Cruiser. Mercedes Unimog is the king of off-road. And many people never heard of Unimog, however they saw it many times.
Unimog is the four-wheel commercial vehicle of Mercedes. However, Unimog has a unique design and character since it was first built. Unimog always had the pick-up design, huge wheel and enormous off-road capabilities. For me, it is the best for off-road! Therefore, nearly whole countries in the world prefer Unimog for emergency services.
Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger bought a $250.000 Mercedes Unimog to replace his super-efficient Hummer H1. Firstly, it is good to hear that Arnold realised that Hummer H1 was useless and secondly, it is not good to see that Arnold will be turn Unimog into pimp my ride car. And I really wonder what Arnold will do with Unimog? Provide public services such as; clearing snow in California, towing vehicles, towing trains, moving heavy items, cleaning road with special extension. Whatever Arnold tries to do with Unimog, there is a limitation! Unimog cannot do more than 120 kph (75 mph)
After Arnold’s move, I am definitely sure that, many Hollywood star will replace their Range Rover and Mercedes G-Wagon for an Unimog. But keep in mind, Unimog is huge!

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