Audi S8 US Commercial “Suspect”

Audi S8; if you are reading my blog for long time or know me personally you might have noticed that Audi is not my favourite brand. The only reason for this emotional disconnection is the Audi’s tendency to understeer even with four-wheel drive system Quattro, and most of the Audi’s are front-wheel drive. 
In my opinion, if you are buying a premium car rear-wheel drive is a better option. Therefore, Audi is not in my favourite list. However; Audis are really well made, ride is very comfortable and offers sportive character and Audis look really good.
Recently, Audi developed a new technology called ActiveSport Differential. This technology enables to transfer power to each rear-wheel independently and reduce the tendency to understeer. Unfortunately, Active Sport Differential is optional but worth to buy.
I recently found this Audi S8 advertisement in Audi’s US YouTube channel. Scenario is really original and you feel the excitement of the S8! What is Audi S8? Audi S8 is the powerful and more sporty version of A8. Audi brands their performance models with S instead of A, BMW does with m and Mercedes does with AMG.
Audi S8 is powered by a 4-lt TFSI petrol engine with 520 PS of power and coupled with 8-speed automatic gearbox. Audi S8’s competitors; Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7-Series do not offer this level of performance from 4-lt engine. Therefore, Audi deserve respect for its engineering achievement. Honestly, I may buy an Audi S8 ;)

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