BMW’s New Collection: 114d, 316i, 320i ED and xDrive

BMW Autumn Collection. BMW recently updated its product range with new engine options and new drive train. Here is the new collection of BMW;
BMW 114d: 1.6-lt diesel with 95 PS of power and 235 Nm of torque. 114d offers the same engine as 116d but with lower turbo pressure, so don’t think that it is 1.4-lt diesel. For countries with high taxation, 114d will not provide the cheap tax bracket.
BMW 120d xDrive: 2-lt diesel engine with 184 PS of power and four-wheel drive. 120d xDrive only needs 7.2 seconds to reach 100 kph. In my opinion, 120d xDrive will reduce the rear-wheel drive car fun but on the other hand, you can have more fun on snow ;)
BMW M135 xDrive: 320 PS engine with four-wheel drive! And just 4.7 seconds to reach 100 kph. M135 xDrive may not be great fun to drive on dry conditions but under rain and snow, M135 xDrive would be amazing.
BMW 316i: 1.6-lt turbo petrol engine with 136 PS and 220 Nm of torque. We had this car for ages in Turkey, previous 316i was underpowered but it was still good to drive. Best thing with 316i, if you want to enjoy the comfort and technology of BMW and don’t want to pay a lot, 316i is the best option. 316i needs 9.2 seconds to reach 100 kph but for that price tag and features, that’s good deal. For countries with high taxation, 316i is the king!
BMW 320i EfficientDynamics: 320i is not 2-lt petrol engine , it is a 1.6-lt turbo petrol engine produces 170 PS and only needs 7.2 seconds to reach 100 kph and efficient. Sounds a bit unusual! Again for countries with high taxation, save a bit more and buy 320i EfficientDynamics instead of 316i. Not only, you will drive faster but also you can show your environmental side :)
Active Protection and Attentiveness Assistant safety systems are now available with 3-Series with “reasonable” prices. Active Protection detects any potential collision and tightens the seatbelts, closes windows and sunroof and can break the car into standstill, if you were too lazy to break! Attentiveness Assitant is basically detects whether you are sleeping or not.
And BMW Connected Drive and navigation system is updated. Live traffic and 3D view is not available and also BMW can understand what you said. I didn’t try but I guess if speech recognition is not from Apple, it never works.
BMW’s new collection sounds tempting, none of the vehicles sounds boring and BMW designed them to be eligible for different markets. But still BMW is expensive!
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