New Ford Mondeo in Details

New Ford Mondeo, this time a proper new one! More competitive, more innovative than ever! I would like to start with Advanced Active Park Assist; Mondeo will be the first Ford that is capable of parking perpendicular. I know many cars do this nowadays, not that exciting!
The more exciting functions are coming! In Mondeo’s segment there was a feature missing for ages and I was really annoyed with that, electric steering wheel adjustment. This function is very useful and reflects the brand’s precision to detail. And new Ford Mondeo is going to offer electric steering wheel adjustment with memory function, keep in mind you cannot have this function in an Aston Martin. Like many other brands, new Mondeo will feature electric assisted power steering and don’t worry about feeling, steering wheel will offer heating function :)
Another sexy function is the massaging seats, I always envy the BMW, Mercedes and Audi for their sexy massage function and now we can have it with new Mondeo. Moreover, seats also feature 10-way adjustment with memory as well. 10-way adjustment is really amazing and makes your journey more comfortable.
Let’s go under the new Mondeo; a new integral link suspension will be feature. This new technology improves the handling, ride comfort and noise especially for rear passengers. Previous Mondeos were a bit tough to rear passengers. Interior quality is also improved with soft-touch materials to increase premium feeling. For estate or station wagon model will be offering panoramic glass roof.
The engines of new Mondeo are; 1-lt EcoBoost petrol engine, ECOnectic 1.6-lt diesel, 2-lt petrol powered hybrid with 3.5kW li-ion battery, 1.5-lt and 2-lt EcoBoost petrol engines. Another diesel will be 2-lt TDCi. There is more under the new Mondeo, diesel models will be available with all-wheel drive system. 6-speed automatic gearbox will be available and I am sure Ford will offer double clutch automatic option as well.
Full LED will not be privilege to particular brands, new Mondeo will feature full LED headlights. First on the segment.
Ford SYNC with MyFord technology will be available and you will have a WiFi hotstop inside the new Mondeo with 8-inch touchscreen.
Lastly, new Mondeo improves the rear passenger safety by rear inflatable seatbelts.
In my opinion, new Mondeo moved the benchmark up to a new level. After the new Mondeo, this segment will not be same again. Audi A4, Volkswagen Passat, BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class are others will be outdated with these new technologies. Especially with all-wheel drive option, Mondeo will be my first choice on this segment.

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