New Ford Mondeo

New Ford Mondeo announced today at Go Further event in Amsterdam. I already mentioned about the possible new Mondeo when the Ford America revealed the new Fusion model. And today we all saw that, the Mondeo looks exactly the same a the Ford Fusion.
New Ford Mondeo does not have very radical exterior design change from the previous model. Front of the new Mondeo looks more aggressive and following lines give a coupe look design. And, you may find the rear end of the new Mondeo similar to Audi A7. Interior is uprated with full digital instrument panel and materials are more premium quality. In general, Mondeo looks better now, however I cannot say this Mondeo is totally looks different than previous one. Like, Range Rover, Bentley Continental GT, and Audi A3 Ford did not wish to lose existing customer by revealing a totally new and different car. Therefore, new Mondeo has similar design bits from the previous model.
Ford did not reveal more details about the new Mondeo, however the 1-lt EcoBoost petrol engine with 123 PS and 170 Nm of torque (200 Nm with overboost) will be available, and new Mondeo will emit less than 130 g/km CO2. Also, as I heard some rumours from Ford, the new Mondeo with features double clutch PowerShift automatic transmission with 1-lt engine.

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