New Porsche Cayenne S Diesel with More Power


Porsche Cayenne S Diesel is finally arrived. I was waiting for this diesel engine for very long time. I know this sound a bit funny, a Porsche with diesel engine and I am waiting for that. I know, Porsche Cayenne offers a diesel engine but it is only a single turbo and not that powerful like its competitors. In the world of SUVs, diesel engine is very important and you need to provide a very powerful one to increase your competitive power.
So, Porsche realised this situation and revealed the new 4.2-lt twin-turbo diesel engine. This new diesel engine produces 382 PS of power and 850 Nm of torque.  Both power and torque levels are really high and makes Porsche Cayenne one of the most powerful SUV on the market.
Porsche Cayenne S Diesel offers the same features and technology like other models, nothing is different expect the super powerful engine. I hope that, 4.2-lt twin-turbo engine does not manipulate the weight balance of Cayenne and create a tendency to understeer. But this is Porsche, I am sure they have sorted it out!
My advice, try one and then buy one!






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