Paris Motor Show: Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept

Porsche revealed Panamera Sport Turismo Concept model during the Paris Motor Show. Last one decade, Porsche revealed Cayenne and succeed, revealed Panamera succeed and I am definitely sure that, Panamera Sport Turismo will succeed as well. Porsche is very good at achieving success with interestingly looking cars, such as Panamera Sport Turismo.
Panamera Sport Turismo represent the new path of Porsche’s design approach  As you can see there are not exterior mirrors, they are replaced with cameras. I assume, it won’t be that practically to check screen instead of mirrors. Full digital instrument panel will be present in future Porsche models, which I really don’t like!
Panamera Sport Turismo is a hybrid and powered by 3-lt V6 petrol engine with 333 PS and coupled with 95 PS electric motor powered by a 9.4 kWh li-ion battery. This combination generates 416 PS of power! Sport Turismo only need less than six seconds to reach 100 kph, with 3.5 lt/km consumption level. 82 g/km is the CO2 level for the Porsche. 
From top to bottom, Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo is very interesting :)

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