Pong Research iPhone Case

Pong Research, probably you did not heard of this brand before. Since last week, I never heard as well. While I was playing with the new social networking sites Fancy, I saw Pong Research’s iPhone case. I think iPhone is one of the most common things on internet, there are endless number of cases for Apple products.
However, Pong Research’s iPhone case is totally different! It is designed to reduce the electromagnetic (EMR) radiation, which is created by the mobile devices and improve the antenna reception. Also, Pong Research’s iPhone case is certified by the FCC. Moreover, this case improves the battery life as well. As a result of these tempting features, I bought one immediately. 
After I did the purchase, I noticed some problems with the delivery and contacted with the Pong Research by Twitter. Shockingly, they responded on Saturday night nearly after half an hour from my tweet, and resolved the problem. I experienced many customer services on Twitter but I never seen something like this.
Anyway, I received the iPhone case and started to use it. As you expected, I cannot understand the EMR reduction by the case, however I experienced slightly better reception and battery life. Don’t expect to receive calls inside the lift or in extreme places, however Pong Research case gives you a bit more battery life that can save your day.
Since I started to use, I am really happy with the case in terms of functionality and design.
If you want to buy one, here is the link.