£148 Million Lottery Winner from UK Bought A Ford Kuga!

Which car would you buy if you win £148 million ($238 million, €185 million) from lottery? Many of you will start the list with Bugatti, Bentley, or more down-to-earth with Maserati or Mercedes AMG or Audi. For many people winning lottery is the short-cut to buy a super luxury car, without thinking the consequence of ownership of a super luxury car.
During August, a family in UK won £148 million from lottery and I was expecting them to buy a Range Rover or BMW 7-Series or something similar to these. Because, they have lots of money to buy any car on the planet and most probably the interest income will be enough to cover the maintenance and other costs.
What did British lottery winner buy? They bought something very very down-to-earth, Ford Kuga! Ford Kuga only cost to them around £25,000. I don’t convert to other currencies, because it is nothing when you compare with £148 million!
On the other hand, Ford Kuga is not a bad despite the fact that it is end of its product lifecycle. And unfortunately Kuga does not offer any downsized engines, the engine range is 2-lt diesel with 140 PS or 163 PS and 2.5-lt 200 PS petrol engine. You may have double clutch automatic gearbox, and I highly recommend it. Despite limited engine range, Kuga is not that bad at all, you still have lots of electronic gadgets and safety systems. And it looks really good! If it was branded as Range Rover, many people would definitely buy it!
I hope lottery winner family with their Ford Kuga and it seems like they bought the full spec, Titanium X model. Honestly, they should have waited for the new model :(

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