Chanel No.5 with Brad Pitt: New Video

Chanel No.5, the most iconic perfume and the first perfume launched by Coco Chanel on May, 1921. I think No.5 is the best well-known perfume on planet. And from its name to its design of the bottle are unique. In 1920, small glasses of perfumes were presented numbered from 1 to 5 and Chanel chose the perfume in the first fifth glass. Chanel did not wish to change the name of the perfume and it was released as Chanel No.5.
Chanel No.5 did not change the fragrance for 91 years and now they have a new face for their advertisement campaign. For the first time of Chanel No.5 history, a man is used. And he is Brad Pitt. Here are the two videos of Brad Pitt and Chanel No.5. Second videos is just released!
I think automotive industry should analyse Chanel No.5’s marketing and advertisement strategy. Because, the No.5 never changed for 91 years, basically the product is the same but Chanel managed to keep the momentum of being unique and exclusive. This is really a very hard success to achieve. In automotive, products never stay the same and there are many stories to tell. Basically, the opportunity to create campaign for automotive is more easier than to create a campaign for a perfume that never changed for 91 years! Chanel No.5 is a very important case study that should not be missed!

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