Ferrari F12berlinetta from Paris Motor Show

Ferrari F12berlinatta, the replacement of the legendary V12 powered Ferrari 599. The F12berlinatta is faster, more efficient, lighter and more powerful. As you expected from Ferrari, each of their new cars coming from Maranello are always much better than the previous ones.
However, I really wonder how many Ferrari owners can utilise, benefit, or realise state-of-art technologies in a Ferrari. We all know that most of the Ferrari owners may not know what their car can do.
Anyway, this discussion can go forever therefore I want to share some photos of Ferrari F12berlinetta from the Paris Motor Show.
Ferrari F12berlinetta is powered by 6.2-lt V12 petrol engine with 740 PS and 690 Nm of torque. 3.1 seconds to reach 100 kph and the top speed is more than 340 kph.

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