Ferrari Guinness World Record at Silverstone by Charles Davis Photos

Ferrari’s attempt to break Guinness World Record for largestFerrari parade is well-known by everyone. And they managed to achieve this by more than 1000 Ferraris in Silverstone. Unfortunately, I was busy at that day and missed the opportunity to see this amazing event.
However, my dear friend Charles Davis (Founder of Professional Photography) attended the event and took pictured the astonishing moments of the Ferrari parade. And he had opportunity to enter track and get very close to all these fabulous Ferraris. Actually, it is really hard to get access for the track and only very few people have this privilege.
I am not a photography expert but from my experiences I can say one thing, most of these shoots cannot be taken so easily. Especially the Formula 1 car’s burnout moment is really hard to picture. Even if you have the proper equipment, you need experience and talent to catch that moment.
You may find more of Charles work on his website and don’t forget to check his twitter.
Here some of the Ferraris from the photos; Ferrari 599FXX, Ferrari FFs, 599XX Evoluzione, Scuderia Ferrari F1 F2008, F458 Italia, F430.
Pictures’ Copyrights
Charles Davis
Silverstone, adj Racing Circuit (Unmarked), Towcester, Buckinghamshire NN12, UK